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Watch Out For The Overwhelming Pure Tussar Silk Sarees Facts To Blow Your Mind

If you have recently begun to wear sarees and absolutely loving this transition from western to Indian fashion statement, you also must have knowledge about the classic Tussar sarees. Tussar as a fabric is the most popular one for sarees, and happens to be one of the oldest options. Owning half a dozen of sarees without a tussar one is an offense, which you cannot escape, easily. The online fashion destination today too have brought back the trend of stashing their inventory with the gorgeous and traditional tussar sarees, that exude the skills of the craftsmen of India, and symbolises the essence of our country’s heritage and talent. From the family functions to office parties, the young women today wear the tussar sarees with absolute pride and confidence! Draping them with ultimate perfection comes easy!

Thus, being an amateur, here are certain facts that you need to be enlightened with before buying tussar saree from a leading pure tussar silk sarees online store.

silk saree online

The involvement of rural people

The industry of Tussar sarees has been dependent on tribal and rural people extensively, and this continues rampantly even today. The women who craft these sarees are trained in weaving of this silk variety and creating fabrics from the threads obtained from this weaving. Though the fashion designers have become involved today to design them, still the sarees trace back their existence to the roots of India.

They have unmatched authenticity

If you buy these sarees from a credible and reputed online store, you will be amazed by the authenticity they hold. They contain an evergreen extravagance and posh stance that is irreplaceable with the exotic spirit of silk worms being synonymous to their class, clearly witnessed in the form of their colours, feel and shimmer.

Wear them all year long

The tussar fabric has impressive thermal properties, making it very comfortable for all seasons. Thus, the tussar sarees can be effortlessly worn in both the cooler as well as the warmer parts of the world, irrespective of the season it is.

silk saree online

Go for an array of varieties

The tussar sarees are not only exclusively stitched, but also are available in an array of varieties such as machine reeled, thigh reeled, Ghhichha, and Katia. These are different to look and feel and can be worn for different occasions you are heading to.

The impressive medley of hues

Did you think that the tussar sarees are only available in white or off-white? Well, no, as they lend you a number of options for being present in the stores in a medley of hues. Be it the lighter tones of gold or honey, or whites, to the darker hues of greens, maroons an oranges, there is a plethora of shades to choose from. You will also find duo toned sarees that come in beautiful work of colour contrast.

Make sure to maintain it properly

The rich fabric of tussar is difficult to maintain, and to make sure that the feeL, sheen, colour and lustre remains, you need to get it ironed and dry cleaned at least twice a year. Also, when you are off to a party or function, ensure staying away from possible stains.

Feel at ease always

Though from the family of silk, tussar as a fabric is lighter and very breathable lending you the maximum comfort level as it is more porous than other silk sarees. It also features a lot more textures than other silk varieties, and hence helps for proper ventilation.

Thus, pure or bhagalpuri tussar silk sarees online, you have to make sure that you know about them in details to make the correct selection without being duped.


Watch Out For The Overwhelming Pure Tussar Silk Sarees Facts To Blow Your Mind

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