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A Small Glance At Everything You Need About Pure Raw Silk Sarees

Origin of Raw Silk

One of the oldest and finest fabrics in the world, raw silk has a history as lustrous as its fine threads. With an origin in Indus Valley Civilization, raw silk is highly popular in both India and China. The true essence of raw silk can be traced in China during 2750 BC. It is believed by historians that these civilizations invested heavily in the production of silk and harvested silk cocoons. They also engaged in trading vast quantities of raw silk to the rest of the world.

The gummy substance from the cocoon is retained until the fabric is produced and is removed afterwards using soap and water. This process gives the silk the soft touch it is known for. It also reduces the weight of the saree and finally gives it the shiny finish.

Varieties in Raw Silk Sarees

Pure raw silk sarees are highly sought after by the modern fashion enthusiasts from all around the world. Raw silk sarees, with its durability and shine, is the very basic form of saree and often undergoes other procedures so as to produce different types of awe-inspiring variations. Muga raw silk sarees are known for retaining the texture throughout its lifespan. Mulberry raw silk sarees are also popular for having the softest texture in the department. Tropical and temperate tussar silk sarees have a golden and copperish hue which makes them extremely popular all over. Eri raw silk sarees are pearly white in color and are rare and unique to find.

Innovations For The Win

Though raw silk is highly used to craft sarees, the effort of many enthusiasts has given us with a lot of products in the same to choose from. The beauty of raw silk can be found widely in fashion pieces like neckties, scarves, bags, salwar suits, Anarkali, kurtas, sherwanis and dupattas. Home décor items like cushion covers table covers, curtains, bed sheets and many others also showcase the essence of raw silk.

Other Features

Apart from the few obvious points mentioned above, there are other features of raw silk sarees as well. They are:

  • Indian women prefer wearing raw silk sarees for special occasions like weddings and festivals.
  • The grandeur and royal appeal of the silk sarees make them popular with the young fashionistas as well.
  • Silk sarees need extra care for they are prone to damage. They should be dry washed and never kept under direct sunlight for that would ruin the texture of the sarees.
  • A single piece of cocoon can produce about 1 kilometer long thread.
  • Silk Road, an ancient trade route, got its name from the trade of silk between Asia and Europe.

Now, that is quite some information!

Common Wear Style

Though there is no particular style of wearing raw silk sarees and can be worn according to individual style and preference, most women choose heavy gold, diamond and pearl jewelry to complement the stunning appearance of silk. Also, the array of shades that the silk sarees come in, give women the option to pick according to the occasion they are attending.

Hopefully, all the information was educative enough. With a history so staggering and present thriving, it is only expected that the silk sarees are going to become popular. Raw silk sarees online can be purchased easily from top saree manufacturers cum retailers. You won’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to make a purchase. So what are you waiting for? Pick anyone from the massive inventory and stun everyone with a jaw-dropping appearance.

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