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Everything You Need To Know About Tussar Silk Sarees

Tussar silk sarees are the epitome of beauty and grace. With their golden copper hue, they have a charm that can win hearts in an instant. All Indian women have an affinity for sarees; they just love draping it around. Every girl, from a young age, has used their mothers’ and grandmothers’ sarees for several occasions. But as they grow up, they start creating a collection of their own, which showcases wonders and stunners.

Tussar silk sarees are one such creation that flaunts of everything charming that a young woman can ask for. However, there is no age limit to wearing a tussar silk saree for it is beautiful regardless of numbers.

Bhagalpuri Tussar Silk Sarees Online

You might be a big fan of tussar sarees and maybe have a few in your wardrobe. But how much do you know about them? About their origin, about their construction? Not much right? So here is trying to help you understand the background of tussar silk saree online.

  • Tussar silk sarees are mostly constructed in the Indian states of West Bengal and Bihar. Some parts of Orissa and Gujarat also actively contribute in making the sarees.
  • Bhagalpur in Bihar is the largest district where the sarees are constructed. Thus, it is also sometimes called the Bhagalpuri silk sarees.
  • The artisans are trained for years before they can master the art of crafting intricate detailing designs of the sarees.
  • The primary fabric for the saree is acquired from the larvae of the silkworm found in the forests of the Indian subcontinent. The silk worm belongs to the family of the moths known as Antheraea.
  • Asan, Arjun, Jamun and Oak are some of the trees in which the silkworms can be found.
  • The natural golden texture of the sarees is from the use of the fabric, which comes with a sticky substance.
  • There is no particular shade or hue that these sarees come in, but dark colors look gorgeous due to the rich golden texture.
  • Artworks like Katha stitch from West Bengal and Pattachitra from Orissa are quite popularly and regularly featured on the sarees.

So that is a lot of information! Now that you know their background and where they come from, the significance of the saree only amplifies. Tussar silk sarees are highly used for the special occasions as they radiate exquisiteness unparalleled. Team them with kundan jewelry to look ethereal.

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