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Everything You Need To Know About Tussar Silk Sarees

By - admin | On 07/08/2017 |

Tussar silk sarees are the epitome of beauty and grace. With their golden copper hue, they have a charm that can win hearts in an instant. All Indian women have an affinity for sarees; they just love draping it around. Every girl, from a young age, has used their moth...

A Small Glance At Everything You Need About Pure Raw Silk Sarees

By - admin | On 11/07/2017 |

Origin of Raw Silk

One of the oldest and finest fabrics in the world, raw silk has a history as lustrous as its fine threads. With an origin in Indus Valley Civilization, raw silk is highly popular in both India...

Buy The Silk Dupattas Online To Offer An Ethnic Twist To Your Western Wear

By - admin | On 05/07/2017 |

Fashion is not just about sticking to the norms, but on a whole it defines breaking the stereotypical conventions.  You can definitely try out some offbeat, and break the style rules to reinvent something of your own.   What about mixing two different and completel...

5 Silk Sarees That Every Indian Bride Must Have in Her Wardrobe

By - admin | On 10/06/2017 |

Indian marriages are a sight to behold; the preparation itself is massive. From getting the right jewellery to correct shoes, flawless makeup to the stunning hairdo, everything is massively planned. But the sarees- every Indian bride needs...

Watch Out For The Overwhelming Pure Tussar Silk Sarees Facts To Blow Your Mind

By - admin | On 02/06/2017 |

If you have recently begun to wear sarees and absolutely loving this transition from western to Indian fashion statement, you also must have knowledge about the classic Tussar sarees. Tussar as a fabric is the most popular one for sarees, and happens t...