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Eri Silk Sarees

Eri Silk Sarees – Eri silk is made by Samia cynthia ricini found in north-east of India and some parts of China and japan. The worm feed on leaves of Castor oil plant. It is also known as Endi or Errandi silk. Because manufacturing process of Eri allows the pupae to develop into adults and only the open ended cocoons are used for turning into silk, it is also popularly known as non-violent silk or the fabric of peace.

It is a staple fiber, unlike other silks, which are continuous filament. The texture of the fabric is coarse, fine and dense. It is very strong, durable and elastic. Eri silk is darker and heavier than other silks and blends well with wools and cotton. Due to its thermal property it is warm in winter and cool in summer thus making it popular for shawls and quilts.

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